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SAB is a 2 man art studio run by Christian A. (SAB-CA) and Joseph E. (SAB-JOE). We are available for commission work, including, but not limited to, Character design, Comic Work, and website design/upkeep. Feel free to look around this site to see what we can do, or visit our "DA" (DeviantArt) galleries with the links provided to the left to get a more personal look at each of us individually! 

In this update (May 2008): If you're interested in Pixel Art by SAB-CA, please find out more information on his DA! You can Follow  THIS LINK in order to find examples. You'll be able to find them properly displayed on this site, as well, soon! For now, just look below for a quick placeholder! 

Here are SAB-CA's base Pixel Art Commission Prices:

35x35: 3 Dollars -- 65x65: 6 dollars 150x150: 8 Dollars

Prices are for stills. Animations cost more, based on complexity!

If you're interested, Just email me at 

Commission Us!: SAB-CA is open for commissions! SAB-CA is constantly running auctions on eBay for commissions, and things are going smoothly! In a coming update, some of the products of his labor shall be posted here! Of course, you can also find them already on his DeviantArt page...

MOUSE PADS and Prints!: Now, in a convenient list, here are SAB-CA's Mouse pads and Prints! The Mouse pads where a BIG hit at our Animazement 2006 Convention table, so you KNOW they're of great quality! 


RECOMMENDED Books: Read what we read, and learn along with us!!


Here's some books that SAB-CA recently picked up, that you might find interesting...


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