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SAB - Studio Artic Bananna! And Super Art Bonanza!

Various Comic Works produced by SAB can be found right here! You will find a collection of "Mini Manga" (short stories), 4-koma (4 panel strips) and Special Works (1 page quickies, test pages, etc). Please enjoy your stay here!

Special Works: Ongoing series!!
SAB O' LIFE: EXCEED! (S.O.L.E) By SAB-JOE (reads left to right)

-Explanation Page: The Story thus Far!

-Page 01- "Revelation..."

-Page 02- "Challenge!"

-Page 03- "Defeat?"

-Page 04- "Resilience..."

-Page 05- "Reason..."

-Page 06- The Destroyer... Unleashed!

-Page 07- Court is in Session!

-Page 08- Setting the Stage!

-Page 09- Enter THE PURR!!

-Page 10- Purr's Cross

-Page 11- A Sob Story T_T

-Page 12- Shaking Foundations... 

-Page 13- ...Then Breaking Them.

-Page 14- Serious Mode!!!

-Page 15- REALLY!!!

-Page 16- Coming in August!!


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SAB Mini-Manga: 2 New Mini Manga!
Chemistry 101: By SAB-CA 

-Page 1- The Beginning!

-Page 2- "I love..."

-Page 3- *SWOON*

-Page 4- "DREAM!"


Burning Spirit: By SAB-CA

-Page 1- Crying...

-Page 2- Sneaky in the bushes...

-Page 3- Burning Cheer Fist!

-Page 4- Did I hurt ya?

-Page 5- A new day....

-Page 6- Burning Cheer Fist Re-dux!


4 Koma: 25 SAB-O-LIFE Classic Mini-manga!
"Old-Skool" SAB-O-LIFE 4 Koma (Each Open in New Windows)
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