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Email: joee@sabworks.com 

Made with .5mm Pencils, Faber Castell

Multiliners & Shades of Grey, Photoshop for Lettering.

SAB: So this is the SAB-O-LIFE: EXCEED issue that finally explains the latest on Joe's situation. If you notice, this comic started within Joe's Marriage... and at issue 11, we're talking about a divorce. Unfortunately, this is how real life events turned out. 

But the best way for an artist to deal with his "issues" is to share them with the audience? Right? S.O.L.E is a "slice of life", even with all it's zaniness. 

You will also notice mention of a certain TSUKIJIN in this issue, advertised by a certain Alien in the Jury Box. Well, Tsukijin has made a very nice comic mini-series staring SAB's very own ARTIC BANANNA! Please head on over to Tsukijin.deviantart.com in order to see his wonderful take on the Bananna, in his comic Mini-series, TOMATO FACTOR! (Be sure to tell him how much you like his alien, Puku, as well!)

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