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Art By SAB-CA?!

Email: christiana@sabworks.com 

Made with .5mm Pencils, Faber Castell

Multiliners & Shades of Grey, Photoshop for Lettering.

SAB-CA!: Well, we figured it'd be a good way to mark the midpoint milestone with a guest art picture from yours truly, SAB-CA! Joe's gone into "Serious Mode", and we HOPE that means he'll stop goofing off, and actually take his fate seriously! 

I'd like to ask the readers who have kept up with the story this far (Or, who have just started recently), what do you think of it? We could REALLY REALLY use some outside input, because we'd like to know how we're affecting you. Please, leave us a message ANYWHERE! Send us emails, leave notes on our DeviantArt pages (Finable as "SAB-CA's DA" and "SAB-JOE's DA" link on the front pages), any way you prefer! Your input would really help make SAB-O-LIFE better and better, and that's a goal we'd be able to share in enjoying, no? 

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