Services: What SAB can do for you!

SAB is a freelance studio, open to a variety of projects. The studio can provide a variety of products. Listed here are the various services we can provide for you!

Character Design "Anime" Caricature  Other
Need a mascot character for your company? Need some characters designed for a Role Playing Game? SAB is your solution for these needs!


Specializing in fun, anime-like illustrations, we can take a picture of you, a friend, anyone, and bring out the character in you! Have a desire that's not listed here? Perhaps you want a tattoo designed, or assistance is creating story boards? Or perhaps a website designed? SAB is ready to face these challenges with you!

Examples (Click to see) (More coming soon!)

Check out SAB's work on Robert V. Aldrich's Crossworld!

Note that this site itself (SABWORKS) was also crafted by Christian A.

SAB member Christian and SAB member Joe "anime-fy" themselves in the SAB-O-LIFE comic strips!

SAB's own work for their T-shirts, posters, postcards, and more!


SAB's site design and upkeep for the "James Rest Home" Website.

Why choose SAB?

  • Contact directly with the artist, Christian Adesuyi or Joseph Endress.
  • 2 Available artist gives more options under the same banner.
  • Quality service!
  • A multitude of formats available for the finished products.
  • Friendly and dependable. 
Contact and Pricing
  • Contact SAB using this email:
  • SAB's Base commission prices!:

    -- Half Page Pencil linework: $6.00
    -- Full Page Pencil linework: $12.00

    Additional Options: Specialize your Commissions!

    -- Fully Inked work: +$5.00 to base price.
    -- Fully Pencil Shaded Work: +$5.00
    -- Fully Colored Work (C.Pencils or Photoshop): +$5.00
    -- Additional Characters: +$6.00 each


  • Note that these prices are FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY. If you wish to have a COMMERCIAL commission produced, then please contact us with the subject "Commercial Commission Questions". 


  • Web design starts as low as $150.00 (U.S. currency) for the basics (Page design and content creation, site name fee and first month cost) with a monthly fee for site upkeep (variable).
  All images and content Copyright Studio Artic Bananna / Christian Adesuyi, unless otherwise noted. Characters in "fanart" property their respective companies/creators.